Mary Duke, mother of two comforts her youngest child while cleaning her home in Alvaton, Kentucky. Duke is a co-president of the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition, which is a social media platform that provides space for women to get involved in the midwife community. Duke owns My Sunshine Birth Services, which helps women in Bowling Green and surrounding areas with multiple services including pre and postpartum visits, lactation consults and labor.

Camryn Fidilio, 7, looks on to the crowd at the March for our Lives event in Bowling Green, Ky. on March 24, 2018. The event started on campus and moved down toward Fountain Square where people shared experiences and opinions on gun violence in the United States.

Shelby Brown 3, was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Since then she has been attending The Big Red School at WKU. Shelby has grown in many ways "socially, physically, and mentally" says LeAnn Brown, shelby's Mom.

Bob Smith, works on his lawnmower before mowing the lawns of other tenants on the Bigstaff Farm in Mt. Sterling, Ky.. Smith performs tasks on the farm to help pay rent, while also being a part time blacksmith. He works on commission pieces from his work shed on the farm. 

The sun sets over Santibel Island as people walk along the beach. Santibel Island is 15 miles long and 5 miles across. The island is known for it's abundant variety of shells along the beaches. Visitors and locals partake in shelling as a pass time.

Sophia Nasato Sophomore at Western Kentucky University embraces friends after the performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Every year auditions are held for the roles of the cast. “Its so much fun and it really takes you out of your comfort zone and I love that kind of stuff," said Nasato.

People lined the streets of downtown Louisville to honor the life and the death of Muhammad Ali on June 10, 2016. Muhammed Ali was born in Louisville and was given the name "the greatest of all time."

5 year old Davis Lowe underwent open heart surgery at 9 months old, due to complications at birth. Shortly after birth he was given up for adoption by his birth mother. Within the first few months he was formally adopted by the Bill and Shelley Lowe. "Davis Keeps us busy with doctors appointments and therapy." ... "I would not change him, but I do wish he had an easier life," Shelley Lowe said.

A woman waits for the garland of roses to be carried through Churchhill Downs. The Garland of Roses is traditionally in response to the iconic "Run for the Roses" derby race.

Dexter Crowdus a recent graduate of Western Kentucky University.  Crowdus majored in theatre with a musical theatre minor. 

Concepcion Serrano 53, was born in El Salvador he fled to America during a civil war in El Salvador. Once in America Serrano got a job working for a company called Eagle industries, in Los Angeles, Ca. However moved to Bowling Green a year later and has now been in America for 28 years. "Immigrating to America was the best decision I have ever made ... I have been able to achieve my dreams because I have made my dreams a reality others were given the opportunity to dream and I will always be grateful for that" Serrano said.

Junior Guard Fredrick Edmond (25) dunks the ball during the last few minutes of the final half. Edmond ended the game with 25 points at the end of overtime during WKU's game against Marshall Saturday, February 13, 2016.

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